Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Two key factors drive effective, actionable customer satisfaction analysis:

  1. Market-specific satisfaction measurement

    Drivers of customer satisfaction and retention vary by product, industry sector, and market segment. Measuring generic drivers provides generic results. Actionable satisfaction analysis requires a targeted understanding of multiple factors that drive customer retention in a specific marketplace and product set.

  2. Competitive benchmarking

    Most companies measure themselves against their own past performance, ignoring how they compare to their peers, competitors, and external market conditions. Like a control group in scientific research, benchmarking clarifies the effect of internal business strategies and management practices, and helps establish realistic performance goals and management objectives.

The ERC Advantage

  • ERC syndicated research provides ongoing analysis of specific factors that drive customer retention and satisfaction regarding retail energy supply and products in the small-to-midsize business (SMB) marketplace.
  • ERC syndicated research measures the importance of multiple drivers, including product features, customer support capabilities, billing issues, account manager characteristics, marketing documents, and supplier websites.
  • ERC's annual supplier satisfaction survey of more than one thousand SMBs provides competitive benchmarks against which custom satisfaction studies can be measured.

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