Retail Energy Buyer publishing Energy Research Council price charts

E-newsletter is publishing ERC benchmarking data on a weekly basis.

Salisbury, MD, April 13, 2015-Retail Energy Buyer now includes Energy Research Council (ERC) price charts that benchmark commercial retail power prices in 13 states for future supply start dates extending 12 months into the future, and across supply contract term lengths ranging from 12 to 60 months. "ERC price charts integrate daily pricing matrices from more than one dozen leading retail electricity suppliers, efficiently benchmarking same-day, real-time supply prices," explains James Moore, Ph.D., President of the ERC. "Analysis identifies consistent seasonal price trend patterns on nationwide and state-based levels."

ERC data aggregates prices across rate classes for each utility, dating back to September 2013. Detailed commentary accompanies the ERC price charts to provide market insight and intelligence. "Short-term price movements shown in the tables can help to analyze whether long-term trends are continuing, or if new trends are emerging," says Josh Kessler, lead writer for Retail Energy Buyer.

The first installment of ERC price data in Retail Energy Buyer appeared in the right sidebar of the March 25, 2015, newsletter.

About Energy Research Council
Providing facts-based thought leadership, the ERC manages a portfolio of primary research programs that analyzes energy management practices in small-to-medium commercial and industrial companies. The ERC maintains a matrix pricing database for retail electricity supply across utilities, rate classes, usage levels, contract terms, and contract start dates.

About Retail Energy Buyer
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