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The Energy Research Council provides facts-based thought leadership for the energy industry.

ERC's mission is to provide facts-based thought leadership concerning energy procurement and management in deregulated markets, through primary research and analysis.

The Energy Research Council

  • Manages a portfolio of primary research programs that analyze energy procurement and management practices in small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and small-to-midsize C&I companies.
  • Conducts primary research studies of the aggregator, broker and consultant (ABC) channel partners that market energy supply and related energy products.
  • Maintains a matrix pricing database for retail electricity supply that tracks pricing trends and benchmarks supplier prices across utilities, rate classes, usage levels, contract terms, start dates and other key criteria.
  • Publishes a series of research briefs, pricing monitors, reports, webinars and other media that inform and educate the market regarding smart energy management.

News and Research Briefs

Buyer Beware: Early Contract Termination

The ERC reports seven out of every 10 small-to-medium business owners are unaware or do not believe that their electricity supply contract has an early termination provision. Read More...

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Matrix Price Monitor

Average electricity supply benchmarks for commercial customers with less than 1,000,000 kWh annual usage.

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